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Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1. General            

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms of Use(“Terms”) is to set forth the terms and procedures of use of the “PACT-Alliance services” provided by PACT-Alliance.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used in these Terms of Use are as follows:

    1.“Member” Means any person given a user ID.
    2.“ID” means a combimation of letters and numbers approved by Contact PACT-Alliance(“Company”)
    3.“Password” means a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters set by a member for information protection.

Article 3 (Effect and Chage of Terms)

    1. These Terms shall be effective after it is posted on Contact PACT-Alliance’s website, and a person wishing to become a Member agrees to it.
    2. Contact PACT-Alliance reserves the right to change these Terms to the extent of not violating applicable laws and regulations, including the Act on the Regulations of Terms and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Nestwork Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.
    3. The continued use of the Service after the amendment’s effective date will imply that the member has agreed to the changes in the Terms.

Article 4 (Rules outside the Terms) 

The relevant laws and regulations, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, and the Act on Promotion of information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. shall apply to matters not defined in these Terms.

Chapter 2. Service Agreement

Article 5 (Constitution of Service Agreement) 

The service agreement (“Service Agreement”) shall be concluded when Contact PACT-Alliance approves the user’s application for use, and the user agree

Article 6 (Application for Use) 

Users can fill out Contact PACT-Alliance’s prescribed membership registration form online to apply for the use of the Service.

Article 7 (Approval of Application for Use)

① If a user makes an application by accurately entering the required information, the Company will approve the application for use.
② The Company may not approve the application for use in any of the following cases:

    1. Entering false information for the application;
    2. Using someone else’s identity for the application; or,
    3. If other application requirements are incomplete or inadequate.

Article 8 (Changes to Service Agreement)

If the registration information changes, members may request online for the Company to edit their information.

Chapter 3. Obligations of Contration Parties

Article 9 (Obligations of PACT-Alliance) 

Contact PACT-Alliance strives to protect users’ personal information, including their registration information, as provided under the relevant statutes. The user’s personal information is protected through the Company’s compliance with the applicable laws and its Privacy Policy. However, the Company may disclose personal information if there is an investigation request for offenses, a request made under a statutory procedure prescribed by related statutes, or a request from a state agency under the related laws, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications.

Article 10 (Obligations of Members)

① Members shall not commit any of the following actions in using the Service:

    1. Using other members’ ID illegally;
    2. Reproducing, publishing, or providing the information they obtained from the Service to a third party;
    3. Infringing rights of Contact PACT-Alliance or a third party, including copyrights;
    4. Distributing contents violating public order and good morals;
    5. Committing an act that is objectively judged to be associated with crime;
    6. Committing an act violating the applicable laws.

② Members shall not make commercial sales using the Service, and Contact PACT-Alliance shall not be accountable for the consequences of the members’ use of the Service for sales purposes.
③ Members shall not transfer or give their rights to use the Service or position to someone else, nor provide them as collateral.

Chapter 4. Use of Service

Article 11 (Obligations related to Members’ Community)

① Members are obliged to maintain and control the community’s Bulletin Board, Visitors’ Book, and registration data as and when necessary.
② Members shall not delete or change the data provided by Contact PACT-Alliance at their discretion.
③ Members must not post contents that disturb society’s public order or fine custom, violate a third party’s copyrights, or infringe on any other rights on their community. Members shall be liable for any loss or damage arising from their contents posted on their community.

Article 12 (Managing and Deleting Members’ Post)

The Company may limit the storage memory, message size, and storage period to operate the Service efficiently. The Company may delete any content falling under any of the following subparagraphs without prior notice:

    1. Slandering or undermining the honor of other Members or a third party;
    2. Disturbing society’s public order or fine custom;
    3. Contents that are judged to be associated with crime;
    4. Violating the copyright or other rights of Contact PACT-Alliance or a third party;
    5. Posting obscene materials on their community or Bulletin Board, or sharing links to obscene sites;
    6. Committing an act violating the applicable laws.

Article 13 (Copyrights to Posts) 

The author of a post shall be the copyright owner of the work. Members may not alter or sell the information they obtain from the Service for commercial purposes.

Article 14 (Service Hours) 

In principle, the Service is available 24/7 as long as there are no operational or technical difficulties. The Service, however, may be unavailable when there are periodical inspections or other issues.

Article 16 (Responsibility Related to Use of Service) 

Members shall not use the Service to hack, link pornographic websites, or illegally distribute commercial software (S/W). Contact PACT-Alliance shall not be held liable for loss or damages, even if the Member suffers the consequences, loses his/her business, or faces legal action by a relevant agency as a result of the above activities.

Article 17 (Suspension of Services) 
The Service may not be available in any of the following cases:
1. In the case where construction is unavoidable, such as a repair of the Service facilities;
2. In case the facilities-based telecommunications business operator, as defined under the Telecommunications Business Act, suspends the telecommunications services;
3. If system checks are required;
4. If there are other irresistible reasons.

Chapter 5. Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Use

Article 18 (Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Use)

① If a Member wishes to terminate the Service Agreement, he/she must apply for the termination online, and Contact PACT-Alliance must take appropriate measures after confirming the Member’s identity.
② If a Member has not accessed the Service for one year, Contact PACT-Alliance will notify the Member of its intention to terminate the Service Agreement through e-mail. If the recipient does not object in the next seven days, their membership will be disqualified.
③ If a Member commits any of the following acts, Contact PACT-Alliance reserves the right to terminate the Service Agreement or discontinue the Service without prior notice:

    1. Stealing other members’ ID and password;
    2. Intentionally interrupting the Service operation;
    3. Providing false information in the user membership application;
    4. Subscribing to the Service using two different IDs;
    5. Distributing contents that hinder society’s public order and fine custom;
    6. Libeling or committing acts detrimental to others;
    7. Transferring large amounts of information or advertising materials to disrupt the stable Service operation;
    8. Distributing a virus program that disrupts the IT facilities’ operation or destroys data;
    9. Infringing intellectual property rights of Contact PACT-Alliance, other members, or a third party;
    10. Illegally using others’ personal information, user ID, and password;
    11. Posting obscene materials or sharing links to obscene sites on the Member’s own website or Bulletin Board;
    12. Any act violating the applicable laws.

Chapter 6. Disclaimer

Article 19 (Exemption)

① Contact PACT-Alliance will not be responsible for any information or materials that a Member obtains during the use of the Service.
② Contact PACT-Alliance is exempt from liabilities for the reliability, accuracy, etc. of the information and materials posted by the Member to the Service.

Article 20 (Jurisdiction)

In case a Service-related dispute between Contact PACT-Alliance and a Member leads to a lawsuit, the lawsuit is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of a court at the location of Contact PACT-Alliance’s head office.

These Terms of Use will enter into force on September 11, 2019.